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Week 13 Wrap-Up!

Good morning RSL Family! Week 13 Wrap-Up!

This week’s anglers were a tad camera shy so photos were hard to come by, or at least they haven’t sent me too many photos.

The Original Rich Award was not handed out this week.

Walleyes were scattered over humps, Bills point, a few were taken in the normal late August, September spots. The minnow bite is increasing as the temperatures are starting to cool. As I write this, I know many of you are experiencing a heat wave down in the Midwest, and I’m glad it has not made it’s way up here. No offense to any of our sun lovers but we like cool and overcast up here! Crawlers are working and the Sandbar has been fairly steady as well in the evenings as the fall bite starts to take shape. Seems like mostly RSL boats are sitting out there in the early evening hours and that is fine by me. More fish in the livewell for us. Marty from P1 made a comment that he and Mark caught more over 24-Inch walleyes than they ever have this week. So many he told me the last one he caught he said meh another 24. That’s pretty darn good fishing. Some of our new guys who know Cedar Lake well did great down there since they have stayed at Cedar Lake camps numerous times, so they were looking for spots on Perrault and had better luck down there as they figured out where the successful anglers were getting them on Perrault. Dick and his daughter Amanda from C6 fished for anything that bit, and while Dick didn’t catch many walleyes in the boat, so he walked down to the floating dock and started jigging. Bang a 23-Inch Walleye! He told me he should have just fished off the dock all week! How many times have we all heard that statement! Al, AJ, and AJ’s son (first timer) caught some nice fish as AJ caught the biggest Walleye at 25.5-Inches, and Grayson took the Micro prize this week. Not a bad way to begin your Rocky Shore Adventure!

We did not have any musky caught or reported, but Bo and Steve did throw some big baits and had 5 missed strikes so I’m not sure if the muskies were that lucky not to bite a hook or Jeff and Bo were just unlucky enough to not hook up. Lots of Grassy Bay follows for those two. They did a lot of walleye fishing also, so their Musky fishing took second fiddle to Walleye fishing. Some guys from P2 threw some Musky lures but also had no hookups that were reported to us but saw a lot of the toothy critters come to the boat only to decide against eating.

Ron and Jim from Cabin 2 caught some nice fish but when Ron told me he caught a 16-Inch Perch, I didn’t believe him. He was smart enough to snap a photo of it. Impressive Perch. The biggest one I’ve heard caught! Great fish Ron!

Week 13 Monster/Micro Fish tournament results: Jeff (Bo) went out with his guide (Steve) and scored a 26.5-Inch Northern Pike! Roy landed and released a nice 22-Inch Walleye while trolling around with Rhonda! Grayson reeled in a 5.75-Inch Small mouth Bass (If memory doesn't elude me)! Congratulations to all our winners this week!

I forgot a few weeks ago to add recipes here's several from our wonderful camp cooks:

Scott Beaulieu:

Marinated Mushrooms:

(1) 16 oz. package of fresh whole mushrooms

(1) stick of butter

(1) package Ranch dressing mix

Melt butter, mix in ranch, add to mushrooms in slow cooker. Set on low for 2 1/2 hours. Stir occasionally.

Double the ingredients, slow cooker 3-3 1/2 hours.

This week was absent any funny stories to tell other than P1 Mark who was wearing an automatic life vest. It decided for no reason to blow and inflate. Marty looked back to see his dad with a fully inflated life vest on.

They believe the gasket got old and gave out, but who knows. Other than that, I didn’t have any confessions, or I was out baiting bears too much to hear any. I’m sure it’s one of the two as we had a lot of laughter in camp as usual or guests know I’m looking to hand out the illustrious Original Rich Award. Nah I’m sure that’s not it!

As we are coming to the end of Week 14 already. suppose I should sign off and prepare for the Week 14 blog that hopefully will be posted by next Tuesday! Tight Lines everyone!

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