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week 15 wrap-up

Good afternoon Rocky Shore Lodge friends and family from God’s country! The week turned out to be windy on some days. Despite the wind there were some very nice walleyes caught. The fall pattern is definitely taking shape and we are seeing aspens starting to turn colors. This morning was 42 degrees when we woke up so fall is definitely around the corner. What a beautiful day today. We got up to 66 and light winds and the anglers all had great success. That’s the best part of August fishing. Some days you might have to tangle with Mother Nature, but she is willing to hand over lots of nice fish when you get on the water. Rain gear was good to have as we received about 2 inches of rain one day last week. We needed the rain as I stated the previous post and we got it.

We enjoyed 2 garage shore dinners this week as cabins pooled fish and other delectable items and we all strapped on the feedbag. It was very nice and so enjoyable we did it again Wednesday. I just hope I don’t find the weight I lost like I did last year. Too much of a good thing though…..

Our Bear hunt wrapped up with what I can only surmise that a few hunters canceled, and I missed it, so I fed a few bears some yummy concoction for our ghost Hunters who didn’t show up for their hunt. If you want to come up for 2020, I might have 1 tag left. Let us know.

Walleyes were staging in the 25 to 30-foot range on the steep drop offs. We had some new guests that had good success and landed some wonderful walleyes and perch. This time of year, the fishing doesn’t turnoff it just goes a bit deeper. I know I know the best fishing is in May and June blah blah blah. I can attest that I’ve seen great fishing all season, but I’m sure there are plenty of folks reading this blog that would agree the fishing is great in Northwest Ontario all the way through freeze up which I will not be here to see…(hopefully)…

Smallmouth and Perch were plentiful again.

Monster Fish Monday results: Congratulations to our double hat winner Rob Holman! He landed a very nice 26.25-inch Walleye, and a 20-inch Northern Pike. He was tied in the Pike/Musky category with Jeremy/Tristan Steindl with a 20-inch Pike. Steve Holmes, and Jeremy Steindl both caught 5-inch Perch to grab the Micro fish prize! Congratulations

Week 15 is in the rearview window as we steam into Week 16.

A little known Naval trivia for ya:

What is the oldest commissioned US Navy ship?

USS Constitution Over 200 years old, originally launched October 21, 1797.

What is a spook?

Cryptologic technician ratings (CTT, CTA, CTM, CTO, CTR, CTI) work with some of the most sophisticated and complex systems the Navy has to offer in performance of their mission. All of the CT career fields offer impressive training pipelines, excellent promotion opportunities and diverse job assignments.

I was a CTT and EW btw.

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