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Week 15 Wrap-Up!

Good afternoon RSL family. Week 15 was over 5 days ago, and I’m finally getting the week on paper. The weather was absolutely beautiful albeit windier than usual. Temperatures were steady in the 60s, 70s, and a day where it made it to 80ish. We missed almost all the rain that was forecast and believe it or not the lake is 13 inches above the low water mark of last year. I’d say we’re in decent shape but it’s starting to head the wrong direction which no one would have said that just a few short months ago.

Walleye fishing has remained excellent with some beautiful walleyes being caught. Water temps moved cooler by about 4 degrees this past week and we are in the 60s now which is fairly typical. It won’t be long now with the longer nights and cooler weather that the lake will be dropping quickly temperature wise. This should move the walleyes in their fall and winter spots quickly. The sandbar has been great for the evening bite!

Northern pike fishing has remained steady and Al has been catching his fill as he really loves to hunt for the toothy critters after he catches his dinner.

Monster/Micro Fish Monday tournament results! The last Monday Night cookout was a great success, and the anglers were out chasing big fish and of course little ones! Bringing in a 24-inch Walleye won Mike Kaster the trophy as the wind was a little stiff giving our anglers an additional challenge to face. Some of the places on the lake were hard to stay on location but if you could some nice walleyes were boated! Bethany Steindel boated the smallest Micro fish with a Bass under 5-inches. 4.75 to be exact! And last but not least, Al Bonifield (repeat winner this year) boated and released a very respectable 34-inch Northern Pike! The contest will continue through the year as we close out the cookouts so until next week, Congratulations to all our winners this week!

Our cabin project is moving along and the weather has allowed us to not skip a beat thank goodness. This weeks blog is a short one folks. Week 16 here we come!


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