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week-3 wrap-up!

Good morning RSL Family! Week three is in the rear-view mirror and we’re already getting calls and texts verifying when the groups will be back next year! LOL Needless to say it was a great week for catching!

Walleyes were plentiful last week! No dynamite was used, but the nightcrawler bite was far and away the go to bait. Minnows were decent but crawlers were incredible. I personally don’t use them often, but I went out with the Helm boys Thursday afternoon (because I bugged Charles to show me the live scan he purchased) and we slammed them on Hump 3 at 28 to 35 feet of water. Live Scan is like a video game and talk about impressive! If you have a few coins laying around ok maybe quite a few coins look into it. Mike and Chris B (Former owners) started their week out on Saturday near Little Manotak and Mikes first fish for the day was a 29. Chris wasn’t going to be outdone so her last fish of the day was a 29. Great looking fish and although they weren’t 30 the memories are engrained. What a great way to start off after almost 2 seasons of no Perrault Lake fishing. The fish were caught numerous in the fall’s spots between 25 and 35 feet. The School group were catching numerous walleyes in the weeds in 10 feet while fishing for perch and they said it was far and away their best trip for catching walleyes ever! With the lake level low some of the normal perch spots were next to impossible to get to but Wayne and Cael were successful catching all species, and they landed some true trophy Small mouth Bass!

We had 2 Grass Pike caught last week which is quite unusual, but they look neat on camera. Small ones and released but cool none the less. Pike in the 23-to-26-inch range were caught and eaten in good abundance and were easy to target. 37-inch was the largest caught last week. One smaller silver musky was caught, and I hope I get the picture from Cael to add to the blog it was really neat to see as they are unusual up here.

Like I mentioned above Small mouth bass fishing was excellent as well and caught quite often walleye fishing as per normal. Specific targeting of them was easy and many guests had great success getting close to 20-inchers each time out.

Bear season week 3 got off to an incredible start and early finish. I dropped Trace, and Charles off around 2pm, and we had two nice bears in the back of the truck before dark and that finished our season with a 4 for 4 count. Congratulations Charles and Trace nice shots and easy extractions! Steve still fired up the chainsaw, but we really didn’t need it. Steve likes taking trees down so I think he should consider being an arborist in his off time once he cuts his hair. We don’t want him to get it caught in the chain after all. I’m sure RJ could teach him a thing or 2! LOL.

We wrapped up Monster Fish Monday for the season last week, and we had a tie in the Walleye category with Al Bonifield and Cathy Schultz landing and releasing 2 quality 22-inch walleyes! Charles Helm climbed out of his tree stand to catch a 37-inch Pike, and Chris Briesemeister fought and caught an 8-inch walleye to capture the illustrious Micro Fish Hand Painted lure!

There was a lot of laughter under the Gazebo this week, and we even had a wigged Mike and Jackie Kaster sighting! That was hilarious and I’m not sure what they can do for an encore. It seems like the Gazebo is becoming the place to hang out and tell stories of trophies lost and caught!

Week 4 is here, and Mike B, Len, and Dean went to the sandbar last night and boated 50 in about 2 and half hours. I could see the smiles on their faces coming in last evening but that’s fodder for next week. There are so many people who think you have to fish in May, June, and July to get the numbers. One boat alone with 2 guys (Steve, and Rob) boated 362 eyes I believe if my memory serves me. They carry a clicker and told me the number Thursday evening.

As we swing into September it’s hard to believe we were allowed to open almost a month ago. Time flies up here as you all know! Seeing familiar faces and some new ones is great to say the least and although we are still living with Covid-19 it sure is refreshing to see the camp back to mostly normal again! With Bear season complete I hope to get the blog out each week on Saturday as I do usually get enough time. With that said, for those still getting ready to head up safe travels, and we hope to see everyone in the next year in God’s Country! Stay Healthy! Don't forget to send me pictures so we can get them in each weeks blog!

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