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week 3 wrap-up!

Good afternoon RSL Family! Week 3 Wrap-Up is being written while we are in a smoke bank all over the area from several forest fires Northeast of Red Lake. On a positive note for Harvey and I it might not get as warm today as it was supposed to. Weather has been pretty nice overall, with little rain. We need rain as most everyone down south does as well. Hope we all get some! With our lower water level we are asking our guests to purchase prop/skag insurance which is $25.00 per boat which usually breaks down to 12.50 a person. If you do damage the prop or skag your cost is only $50.00 vice actual cost. This way we can keep costs down for everyone renting boats. If you want to opt out just let us know when you come in to get your boat assignment.

The Original Rich Award winner this week goes to 2 gentlemen Pete and Dan from Penthouse 2. Of course, when getting ready to head out fishing there are a few things you must remove before hitting the water. Well… according to Pete as he was Captain of his vessel his 1st mate (Dan) (OK those are my words) is in charge of releasing the lines which he did. However, the electrical connection which was charging their trolling motor batteries was not. I’m not sure if Dan forgot or wanted to continue charging the batteries while out fishing but they ran out of cord before they reached their first fishing spot. Nothing damaged and nothing hurt but a touch of pride. I will let those two decide who really was to blame as Harvey and I got a decent chuckle out of their situation. Thanks P2 for keeping us entertained all week.

I’m leaving this paragraph in from last weeks blog as it sounds like someone got fined on Lac Seul last week and the fine wasn’t small. MNR instituted a bait receipt requirement. The premise is to ensure the bait we use on our lake is in the newly minted bait zones they have developed. They are trying to keep invasives out. Basically, we will give all boats a bait receipt in a zip lock bag with a pen so each time you get bait you can simply write down the amount you get each day, and if stopped on the lake by the MNR you can produce the bait receipt. We will show everyone as they come up. Not a big deal, but an additional requirement.

Walleyes were caught sight fishing by Twin Islands last week and some of our guests had a great time catching tons of 20s and also plenty of shore lunch sizes. Walleyes were caught in the normal spring spots, but the Ord River has pretty much been spawned out as the fish are staging for their migration to summer spots. Fishing the 8-10 foot range was the most productive. One boat was catching weed walleyes in 3 to 7 feet. Jim from Cabin 6 attempted to get on the board in consecutive years but just fell short with a really nice 29-Inch Walleye! Fishing has just been amazing so far this season.

Plenty of nice Pike were harvested and we also had several Musky accidentally caught while fishing for Walleye and Pike! The brag board is starting to gain more traction and I’ll be posting an end of week picture each week to let people see what others are writing and catching.

Week 3 Monster/Micro Fish tournament results: Sunday was another warm day after we received a much needed inch of rain and the anglers headed out to win! Jim from Cabin 3 boated a beautiful 36-Inch Pike to beat out several others in the 30 plus range! Brian from P1 was a dual winner this week. He tied Erold from Cabin 2 with a 10-Inch Walleye and Smallmouth Bass! Brian then decided to catch a solid 25-Inch Walleye to take the prize in that category. Congratulations to all the winners this week!

We are trying to procure leeches. Some anglers headed to Red Lake emptied Dutchies, and Ear Falls of all the leeches. Clarks told us yesterday they hope to have leeches in 2 to 3 days so hopefully we will get some soon. We do know those who have contacted us and asked for us to set aside leeches for them and I want to update everyone. Minnow bite is still incredible, but as the water warms we all know leeches become a favorite of the Walleyes on this lake. Crawlers are working as well, but minnows are king right now.

Kirby brought his jet boat up as usual and gave Jerry (we call him Boats) retired Senior Chief Boatswains Mate who was stationed on small boats including jet boats in the rivers of Vietnam and his son Travis (former Navy Hospital Corpsman) a heckuva a ride through the Ord River at high speeds. Kirby only has a 2-inch draft on his boat as its made for rivers and has a half inch of plate steel on the middle keel of his boat so he can take some hits most boats can't. I saw the video but was not able to post it for some reason. It looked like quite a thrill! That’s all for this week! If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us, and if able check out Steve’s VLOG every Tuesday as he updates all things RSL including Border updates, and road construction. Tight

Lines and Safe travels everyone!

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Ralph Holbrook
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