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week-6 wrap-up!

Good morning RSL Family! Week 6 Wrap-Up after a beautiful July 4th Weekend! We hope everyone was able to enjoy family and friends and relax a bit! It’s hard to believe how fast the summer is moving up here.

Two weeks in a row without handing out The Original Rich Award.

Walleyes in the mid 20’s were caught with abundance this week. The Templeton crew came up from Missouri and caught a ton of mid to upper 20’s! We came close to the 30-inch club but couldn’t quite squeeze a tail enough to get over the magical number. John and Mo from Cabin 4 enjoy trolling and usually catch tons of Pike and bass while trolling, however, they kept boating walleyes in their trolling spots. They did catch some pike and bass but the walleye are everywhere folks! It was great to see some young ones in camp this week as Tim brought his daughter Crystal up for her first trip to RSL! They put slip bobbers together and headed out fishing, and as usual she out fished dad, and Uncle Billy! I was informed after 3 days of out fishing dad that on day 4 she caught a few bass and put her pole down. Tim asked what she was doing and she said I’m going to let you win today! What a nice daughter! LOL.

Some really impressive Small mouth Bass were caught. Brian from P2 said they were throwing down by East Bay near Spadina and big bass were exploding their lures.

He was looking for Pike but the bass sure kept Dane, Colten, and him entertained. Susan from Cabin 6 boated and released a 19-Inch 4lb Bass!

P2 Dane landed our biggest Musky of the young season with a beautiful 51-Inch Musky. The following morning Harvey and I were down having our morning coffee and waiting for guests to come down when someone walked by us. Harvey looked at me and said did P2 get a new guest in? I looked and said no that must be Dane, but it didn’t look like Dane. I said good morning Dane, and he turned around and said I’m Dawson. Harvey and I looked at each other and said at the same time where is your hair?! He then proceeded to inform us it got shaved off last night due to some type of bet he and Dane made. So, if there is an upset mother out there, we had nothing to do with that hair cut!

Colten caught his first Musky as well! Nice job young man! All in all it was a decent week for Pike and Musky. Friday a group of Musky hunters came down from Lac Seul to try their hand at Perrault Lake Muskies. The two baits in the picture were used with great success landing some Huge Pike up to mid-40 range. They had lots of follows of big musky in the 50 plus range, but only one boat landed a nice musky. They caught in excess of 30 Pike in the mid-30 to mid-40 range. Their observation was that there seems to be numbers on Cedar, but the bigger fish hang out in Perrault on the Rock Piles. There words not mine and since I do not chase Muskies I am only reporting what there thoughts were. Big Baits=Big fish folks!

Week 6 Monster/Micro Fish tournament results: First off, the Hats have arrived! The Templeton Group was out for glory this week! Now bear in mind they are in 3 different cabins, so they had a bit of an advantage. Susan decided to 3 peat on the Micro Prize with her 6.5-Inch Small mouth bass! Jacob, Brian, Todd, and Johnathan all captured photo and released a 23-Inch Walleye on Sunday to share the Walleye Hat! Dawson from P2 boated and released a 25.75-Inch Northern Pike!

Dee’s Pepper Steak:

Faye's Chocolate Brownies:

We’re a third of the way through the 2023 season! All I can say is WOW! The Fastest Week of the Year is truly living up to its billing! Tight Lines Everyone!

Photos can be sent on Messenger, photo dropped on Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge, or emailed to

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