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week 8 wrap-up!

Good morning RSL Family! Week 8 Wrap-Up! We are enjoying the weather up here as it has been comfortable, and we finally got some rain. The water temperature of the lake has dropped about 9 degrees which is very uncommon for the middle of summer. We reached 75 one day a few weeks ago and since then it has dropped down to about 66. It’s still very dry up here but we got enough precipitation to end the fire ban for a while at least.

The Original Rich Award goes out to Art. What does a downpour and a leech have in common? Obviously, the coating of both on a tiller handle can make it a little slippery! There I was (in my rain gear) waiting for one more boat to come in during a downpour and I saw a boat coming around Duck Island at top speed. I look, and look some more, and alas realize it looks like an RSL boat coming in when suddenly, the boat does a full 360 and comes to an abrupt stop. Thinking something must be wrong I headed to the office and grabbed the binoculars to see that there were two people standing up and looking at each other. After a minute or so they slowly started to head back in, and I asked what happened out there. Art and Chet asked, “You saw that?” They were hoping I didn’t. Long story short in the downpour Arts hands were slippery with leech slime and the rain and his hand simply slipped off the tiller handle and around they went cutting through the water like a knife. No one was injured but once again pride and ego were bruised for our entertainment.

Chasing walleyes around this past week has been a bit inconsistent with the irregular weather patterns and the unusual cooling water temps during midsummer but some nice walleyes were found and caught as usual, but the anglers had to work more than usual. We were still able to catch quite a few mid 20’s fish this week and Patti from C-3 caught her personal best at 27 inches. We had some newcomers to the lake as well and were able to get out there and catch enough shore lunches to satiate their appetites. Bill was up guiding several days this week and he was all over the lake and Cedar showing our new guests good summertime spots! Don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d like to learn some new spots on the lake, enjoy a shore lunch, and hear some of the many stories Bill has while out fishing.

Small mouth fishing was excellent again this week. Mark from P1 always shouted out his trademark (WooHoo) every time he headed out to chase the bronze backs! He brought newcomers up and they caught some very nice Small mouth Bass!

Adam and Moose were up chasing Muskies this week! On their first day out, they had 8 follows in their first 10 minutes of fishing! Adam boated a 48.5-Inch Musky, and Moose boated a 32-Inch Ski. C-3 Patti and Ken were out chasing Pike and Patti boated a 51-Inch Musky! Too heavy for her to pick it up so Ken held it for the photo! Truly an impressive fish! The guys did have a lot of follows this week and missed a few big hookups but saw some very large muskies up to their boat!

Week 8 Monster/Micro Fish tournament results: A perfect drizzly kinda day for our tournament and the anglers were out in force! We had multiple 23's recorded when Patti from C-3 rolled in with a beautiful photo of a 27-Inch Walleye to eclipse everyone else today! Newcomer Bob Ritter caught photo and released a 28.5-Inch Northern Pike to grab the prize and last but not least Newcomer Shannon from C-6 boated and released a 6-Inch Small mouth Bass to wrap up our tourney! Great job everyone, and the Potluck was superb!

Judy's Apple Dapple Cake:

3 C All Purpose flour

1t Salt

1 t Baking Soda

1 C Pecans chopped

1 C Vegetable Oil

3 eggs

2 C Sugar

3 C Granny Smith Apples peeled and cut into bite size pieces


Combine the 1st 3 ingredients and shift. Place in mixing bowl and whisk

Then add the oil, eggs & sugar and mix again

Fold in pecans and apples

Place in a bunt mold or an 8x8 greased pan

Bake for 350 degrees for 60 minutes

Sauce Alternate Sauce

1 C Brown Sugar Packed ¾ C

¼ cup milk, whole or 2% 2-3T

1 stick of melted butter, cooled to room temperature

Mix all 3 ingredients and bring to gentle boil stirring constantly

Add mixture over cake mixture once cake is cool.

All in all, a relaxing week for everyone and not many funny stories to tell, or at least no one admitted to any. We had a 14-Month old make the trek up here and I can already see an angler in the making! Not many photos that I can find either! My investigative skills must have been lacking this week! Until next time, Tight Lines everyone!

Photos can be sent on Messenger, photo dropped on Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge, or emailed to

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