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week 9 wrap-up!

Good morning RSL Family! Week 9 Wrap-Up! Harvey and I were conversing this morning about the season, and how fast the season has been going! So many fish being caught and so much laughter and bantering back and forth with people (all in good clean fun of course) and it just makes the season fly by! We had some more youngsters up here (Jett and Grady) on family vacation and they became new friends. That is what this place is all about! If you happened to listen to Steve’s Video Log (VLOG) the week prior and he spoke about the chances of rain the weather guessers were correct. We didn’t have any bad Thunderstorms it seemed, but we had waves of rain roll through on several days, and I have to admit most of the guests had enough of the wet stuff by Thursday. With the low water level we need the rain and we need a lot more of it! All in all, we only got 1.3 inches or so, but a lot of the time it was just a slow steady rainfall.

The Original Rich Award was not handed out this week or at least I didn’t see or hear anything worthy of such an honorable mention!

We had a bunch of experienced anglers up here again this week chasing the Walleyes and we had a couple of days of weird wind and rain. Todd from C-2 told us the wind changed direction 3 times in one day and the bait balls were all over the place! The presentation that worked best was either a slip bobber rig, or a simple hook and split shot with very little movement or simply dead sticking. I was able to sneak out for an evening bite with Brian, Celeste, and Jett (Thank you Isabelle for giving up your seat). The bite was on and in a few hours, we caught and released 42 walleyes. The only reason I have the number is due to the fact they have a clicker in their boat. I boated their 200th fish for the week and felt kind of bad since Jett wanted to be the one. If I remember correctly, he caught the 300th fish this week so I’m sure the sting is gone. The fish are on the humps in about 20 feet of water mostly. Youngster Grady from P1 set the hook so hard on a perch the perch flew out of the water over his head and back in the lake on the other side of the boat! I wish I could have been there to witness that set! He was obviously expecting a huge fish on the other end of the line. Brian from P2 would hand Jett his pole for one reason or another and invariably Jett would catch a fish on Dad’s pole, and it kept happening throughout the week! Brian did land a 29-Inch Walleye on Thursday to finally beat out Celeste (wife) for the largest walleye of the week in their crew.

Small mouth fishing was excellent again this week and we’ve got quite a few pictures taken as the days were warming and the bass were being caught all over the lake in the late mornings and afternoons!

We had a few muskies boated this week from C-6 Alan and Dennis. Weed growth has been slower this year and every week our musky hunters say the same thing about the weed beds. Grady also wanted to eat a Pike (he called them dinosaurs) but only if he caught it. He said it was delicious!

Week 9 Monster/Micro Fish tournament results: We moved the tournament this week to Monday since we had a scheduled power outage on Sunday and moved the bbq to coincide with it. Gotta say thanks to Lisa for confirming what Steve and I were talking about and moving the bbq to Monday. We were without power for 11 hours and that would have made things more difficult, but alas on to the winners! Todd from C-2 came in with a 5.75-inch Small mouth bass! Darin from C-4 boated and released a 23.5-Inch Walleye, and Alan from C-6 beat out some decent Pikes with a beautiful 37-Inch Pike while chasing muskies! Congratulations to our week’s winners!

The non named (yet) Fry Shack had a lot of use this week, and it is becoming an excellent alternative to frying fish in your cabin. Check it out when you get here. We built it so you can enjoy the beach house and Gazebo or take your food back up to your cabin. We also have a bbq grill as well for your convenience. Until next week, Tight Lines and safe travels!

The provided recipe this week: Thanks Lisa

Photos can be sent on Messenger, photo dropped on Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge, or emailed to

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Looks like a great summer as always! Thanks for continuing the blog Mike I look for to it weekly!

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