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One month and one wake-up to the opener

Good afternoon Rocky Shore Lodge Family! We are less than a month away from the opener so we figured we would put out some helpful information with the 2-year hiatus due to Covid.

Information from the arrivecan website is below:

“You must use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information before and after your entry into Canada. It only takes minutes to help keep each other safe. Available for iOS, Android and web. The mobile app is free and is available in English, French and Spanish (displayed in the language of your device). Download the latest version of ArriveCAN or click 'update' in your app store.”

Make sure you have the latest version of ArriveCAN

Download the latest version of the ArriveCAN app or click “update” in your app store. If you don’t, you may be asked to submit specific information that’s no longer required.

The next version of ArriveCAN (v.2.28) will be released on April 25, 2022. If you plan to travel on or after that date, make sure you have the latest version before submitting your mandatory information.

ArriveCAN is mandatory and free!

Be cautious of third party, fraudulent webpages and apps that may be posing as ArriveCAN and asking you for payment. If you encounter a suspicious webpage or app that appears to be posing as ArriveCAN, please file a report with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre immediately. ArriveCAN is free and secure and is the official Government of Canada platform to provide your information when entering Canada.

Who needs to use ArriveCAN

All travellers, with limited exceptions, whether entering Canada by air, land, rail or marine vessel, must use ArriveCAN unless you're exempt from this requirement due to an accessibility need.

You'll need to submit your information within 72 hours:

  • before your arrival to Canada

  • and/or before boarding a cruise ship destined for Canada

If travelling by marine vessel other than a cruise shipIf transiting through to another country by airNo smartphone or taking a short trip?

Within 72 hours of your arrival in Canada or before taking a short trip outside Canada, you can sign in to ArriveCAN from a computer to get your ArriveCAN receipt. Print your receipt and take it with you when you travel. You can also have someone submit your travel information on your behalf.

Use ArriveCAN to submit:

contact information

travel details

vaccination information, including which vaccine(s) received, including manufacturer, country received, date received, and upload proof of vaccination.

So you can see ArriveCan is mandatory to use. Steve and Karen crossed last weekend and it was flawless. One tricky part was the request for our address.

Use the following address:

Rocky Shore Lodge

General Delivery

Perrault Falls ON P0V 2K0

no o’s all zeroes. Space between the P0V and 2K0 so (PzeroV 2Kzero)

Enough on that. Steve paid 3.85 to 3.89 a gallon last weekend, and it appears gas is starting to creep up again. International Falls was 3.97 a gallon.

We generally stay at the Americinn in International Falls before we cross over the next morning but bear in mind the bar and restaurant are permanently closed if your group stays there as well.

With the high cost of gasoline this year we are adding the 25 dollar prop insurance for all RSL rented boats. The insurance has been popular for those who found they had to replace a prop the last couple seasons, and if we don’t lose too many props it will help offset the very high prices in gas we are spending. We hope you understand this is a temporary addition to boat rental. With inflation plaguing us all I hope this will be temporary this season only. If for some reason your group can’t afford the 25 dollar Prop insurance just pull us aside and we will work it out with your group. We very much appreciate your understanding.

Gasoline at local gas stations was 1.95 a litre as of last week.

The Monday night cookout will be hamburgers, and hot dogs this year and of course the standard please bring a dish to pass. We are also doing the Cheesy potatoes and a dessert.

Monster/Micro Fish Monday will be back and we’re changing up the trophies a bit since we don’t want it to get stale so stay tuned for that.

Harvey, Darlene, and Bill are back for another season and we can’t wait to see everyone using the new Gazebo down by the water front to relax and tell fish tales. We will also be doing fish fries from Bill’s guided trips down at the Gazebo as well. If weather conditions are inclement we can use the beach house for fish fries. The garage was nice but I think the gazebo and beach house will be better served for the fish fries.

There is a lot of snow on the ground still so hopefully we will see the lake back up to normal conditions.

We are really looking forward to seeing many familiar faces, and getting back to normal. We can’t wait to see everyone. I will update everyone once we arrive in camp. Until then, Tight Lines folks!

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