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Week 10 wrap-up

Good morning RSL family, friends, and guests. Week 10 wrap-up albeit a few days late.

What can I say other than to anyone who questions late July and August fishing. There were tons of shore lunches, and pretty much every cabin was limited out on Tuesday and kept eating fish in order to keep fishing! That’s a great problem to have folks. There were numerous 50 walleye in the afternoon days from boats. Some questioned Steve and I, and Mike and Chris previously at the sports shows. The key to this fishing is getting on the humps out in Perrault Lake. It’s as simple as that. Slip bobber fishing was excellent, and the standard jig and leach, or crawler were the ticket this week. The lake cooled 5 degrees this week and minnows were working as well, but not as good as the other 2 baits. The dock fishing has been excellent for eaters the last several weeks. Steve and I would throw a bobber out around 730 on a few evenings, and we’d catch some beauties. Perfect eaters with the occasional 20 + incher showing up on the end of the line. This is my first season witnessing late summer fishing and it is exactly as Mike, Chris, and Steve described. It’s amazing to see the big ball in the sky and fish still hammering the lures off the humps throughout the lake, and of course back behind Hatfield. Seriously good fishing and I would recommend anyone who doesn’t want to don all the cold weather gear to give it a shot. You should still bring the cold weather gear as we did have one day that was cool, and Bill even said he got cold and when the guide gets chilled in the morning you know it’s cool out. Weather has been good, but we’d like a little more rain. The lake is still up compared to last year, but its dropped some for sure. On second thought maybe I won’t have to mow as much if it stays dry. Naaah I don’t mind mowing and like props and skags coming back without incident.

Northern fishing was a bit spotty last week, but this week has already turned in some big pike. I’m assuming you could guess where they were caught. On the humps folks, it’s all about the humps.

Trophy High Tuesday winners were Jackie with a 26-inch Walleye and it was a very fat and healthy 26. My brother-in laws buddy Scott showed up right before the bbq with a 24 inch Pike to take the crown! The competition is a riot as boats would come in to check in and head back out if they aren’t in the lead. Judge Harvey just throws the smack talk out at people and they dish it back on their way to winning a hat. It’s been a lot of fun this season!

We had no Margaret sightings this week which was welcome news to us.

It’s hard to believe we start baiting bears next Sunday for our hunters, and that will be an entirely new chapter to start on the blog so stay tuned folks.

We got back a few bear tags because of a couple last minute cancellations due to various reasons, and nothing solid on our moose hunt this year so if interested give us a call we’re going to offer the bull tag for 3500.

If you have pictures just email them to, or you can post them on our Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge page

Navy term of the week: Head: It’s the bathroom/washroom. The reasoning for the name “Head” is that back in the sailing days when a man had to relieve himself of coffee/rum/beverage they would go to the front or head of the ship to take care of business due to the wind blowing from the back to the front of the ship. This way it was not a messy evolution if you know what I mean.

Onto Week 11 full steam ahead!

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Great to see a Rocky Shore newsletter. Look forward to seeing you in Aug.

Rodger Wellenreiter

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