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week 12 wrap-up

Good morning RSL friends and family. Week 12 was full of return guests and some new guests, and we had a great time getting to know everyone. We had some wind on Saturday and Sunday so it pushed most of the anglers off the normal summer humps. Fish were being chased around the lake with boats looking for humps more protected. After trial and error the fish were caught. A lot of boats hanging out around burnt island, and the back of Hatfield on the humps, and sunken islands. The weather pattern didn’t really stabilize and we had winds from the south, Southwest, North, and Northwest. It was definitely more challenging getting and staying on the spots out there, but when you could stay on your spot fish were put in the boats. Dale and Taylor Starovich were in competition again this week with Taylor edging out dad. It was something like 70 something to upper 60’s and of course bragging rights, and lots of banter back and forth. Always fun listening to those two compete. It got so bad early in the week that Dale handed Taylor his pole and said “you can reel this one in”. Hilarious you two. Thanks for the laughs.

The walleyes were being caught in their normal summer locations. The sandbar was good when the breeze died down in the evening, and Reif told us of a new spot he discovered now known as the Potluck spot since they fish it after the bbq. Leeches and Crawlers are still the bait of choice. With the lake starting to cool it won’t be long for minnows to become king again. In fact yesterday some guys took out minnows and had some success with minnows, but eventually the leech bite took over in their boat again.

If you want Smallmouth fishing no worries. The smallies have been practically jumping in boats this week, and the largest caught was a 22-incher.

We had no musky anglers this week, and other than some follows after fish were caught none were really seen. Not to worry Week 13 already has Muskies caught so we’ll discuss that in next weeks blog.

Not many pictures this week so Please don’t forget to email Steve and I pictures at You can also tag us on your Facebook posts. Thanks.

Monster Fish Monday results: Congratulations to Kent Chandler our newest member of the 30-inch club! He caught his 31-inch Walleye on MFM day! Travis Frazier with a nice 25-inch Northern Pike, and Bailey Feist with the seasons microest (I know its not a word) prize winning fish of 1.75-inches. It was a Perch. Nice job all three of our winners!

Bear season is getting close, and I started baiting last Sunday. All our baits are active now so we are looking forward to our hunters arriving next week for the beginning of our 3 week hunt with Moose season just around the corner.

Time is flying on this season as we are 66% through and looking forward to completing a few more projects before Mother Nature starts turning the leaves on us. The fishing has been tremendous this year and once again we appreciate the conservation everyone is practicing. Without your help the big ones wouldn’t be so plentiful! Onto Week 13!

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