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week-4 wrap up!

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Good morning RSL Family!

First off please remember today and all the sacrifices made. Too my brothers/sisters in Harm’s way you are remembered, stay safe and take care of each other. For all of us please take a minute to Remember 911!

It’s hard to believe how fast our shortened season is going with Week 4 completed! It was a great week with a few days of light rain on and off but mostly at night. A few days with some wind and several days of absolute perfect conditions with light breeze and temps in the 60s. Sandbar was busy again on most evenings. We have averaged about an inch of rain each of the last 3 weeks, and mostly in the evenings when everyone is back at camp. Much more rain is needed to move the lake levels but we will take whatever we can get at this point.

The Walleye bite stayed strong and minnows turned back on later in the week. Anglers were catching fish with both crawlers, and minnows but location mattered for which bait the fish seemed to want more. Our advice is to take both out. Jigging Raps are also being used with great success. The bite has been solid, and eaters are easy to catch with a lot of bigger fish being caught and released (thanks to everyone for protecting the fishery). Although we haven’t caught a 30-inch walleye yet many quality fish are still being caught.

Pike fishing last week continued to be excellent. Doug and Mary from Iowa City (Go Hawks) have been eating fish everyday and the toothy critters have been on the menu as well as walleye! Mary boated and released (thank you) a 41.5 inch Northern. Their board only went to 38-inches but my trained eye determined it to be between 41 and 42. Monster fish to say the least. Awaiting the picture from Doug. Doug and Mary are doing so well they are only keeping 26-inchers for take home. That’s a pretty small window. LOL.

Not too many smallies were targeted but we did see some nice size fish come back. Bill took Mike and Cher out for a day of fishing and they caught nice size perch, walleye, bass, and Pike in 11 feet of water in the weeds. Also, as many of you know Bill keeps his tackle box in his front pocket (bag of jigs) but he showed up to hang out with Mike for the morning and brought a tackle bag! We have a picture if your hesitant to believe me. Those of you know Bill know how significant that is and will get a big kick out of this information! Bill wanted to throw some for musky but alas the walleye lured (pun intended) him into catching them all morning. Maybe next time Bill! Great day!

September fishing is super you just need to bring your warm and cold weather gear because you never know what mother nature might bring. Yesterday we got the camp prepared for guests, and the temps were warm for us up here and it reached the mid 70s. I do realize people down south are laughing when I say 70s and warm in the same mouthful. Looks like mostly 50s and 60s this week, but as we all know I’m not a weather guesser. Camp is bustling again this week with many long time guests/friends back.

So far not too many issues at the border, and the politeness of the border agents has been better than in the past. I think they realize the loops people have to jump through in order to cross so they have been very professional, and courteous!

As we enter the last few weeks I often catch myself thinking about the lost season of 2020, and am so thankful to have laughter and fish tales flowing through camp again. We have missed too many of those great stories, and jokes. As for those who couldn’t make it this year we sure look forward to seeing lots of smiling faces next season! Without our friends/family/guests we are just another unused vacation home up north. For that we appreciate you!

Last note:Go Hawks Beat the Clones!

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