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week 4 wrap-up

Good morning RSL Family! Week 4 Wrap-Up and what a fun week of catching fish and telling mostly truthful stories of the one that got away. My dad was able to make the journey up with my brother-in-law Chris and friend Rod. At 90 it sure is a thrill for me to see him getting around as good as he does, and he still loves to get out on the water and fish. Camp was full and the beach house dock got plenty of work this week. More on the beach house dock a little later.

The Original Rich Award winner this week goes to the entire Cabin 2 crew this week. Brent and the gang decided after Saturday to cook fish outside the rest of the week. Why do you ask? Well according to the fire triangle when you start warming up grease on the stove with a lid on you might want to remove the lid before the grease gets too hot otherwise is could spontaneously combust once oxygen is added to the equation and it did. So, we had our first grease fire since Steve and I took over from Mike and Chris. Fortunately, quick action from Mark kept what could have been a disaster into what we can all talk and laugh about, and the crisis was averted. Mark did get a burn on his thumb and foot, but it didn’t stop him from fishing. All in all, other than some scrubbing no damage was done other than pride once again. It’s just another short story in the annals of Rocky Shore lodge lore. I’m not trying to make light of a potentially bad situation as this can actually be a teachable moment also.

The Walleyes are on the move. Transitioning to the humps which seems a tad early but with the warm weather we are having so far this season it makes sense. Wind swept shorelines are still catching fish in the 4-to-7-foot range, but 12 to 16 foot is where the schools are starting to congregate.

Congratulations to my Brother-In-Law Chris with his 1st 30-Inch Walleye! What a great fish and my dad was able to witness the catch! Glen from Cabin 2 caught 42 Walleyes with 36 minnows and that is quite a feat if you ask me. I took a picture of the Brag Board so take a look at it. This weeks crew really took advantage of the board and it made my memory not have to be so sharp. Cabin 1 Lee told me he’s tired of catching walleyes over 20-inches! Laurie was there as proof that he said it. I looked at him and he said it didn’t exactly come out right. Lee did land a 29.75-Inch Walleye, but it wasn’t quite big enough. P2 brothers Mike, Mark, and Craig had a great week and said it was the best year they’ve had catching walleyes. Plenty of fish fries were had. Cabin 2 crew boated 65 Walleyes in 3.5 hours one day. Newcomer Ryan in Cabin 5 caught a 28 and 29-Inch Walleye. The P1 gang were boating lots of big walleyes, and their only comment because I can’t call it a complaint was that they had to let a lot of 20 plus inch fish go in order to get their eaters. What a week for walleye fans!

We had quite a few muskies, and Pike caught. Although Musky didn’t open until this Saturday there were a lot boated and released this week. Dillon from P2 caught 8 if my memory serves me. Lots of nice Pike for the frying pan were brought in. Bob from P2 on Thursday was in his boat fishing the beach house dock and had a 6.5-Inch Walleye take the bait, and after that a 38-Inch Musky grabbed the walleye. The walleye came off the hook but stayed on the fishing line and the musky was lipped and boated. They videotaped the fish and from what the video stated at the end after they netted the musky a bigger musky came up to hit the 38-Inch musky. So in other words it appears with photo proof we now have a couple muskies hanging around the beach house dock.

Bass were caught with ease and muskies were caught while throwing lures for bass.

Week 4 Monster/Micro Fish tournament results: Sunday's tournament was a huge success as we had some excellent fish caught photo and released! Congratulations go out to Brian (P2), and Ryan (c-5 for landing their 9-inch Bass, and Walleye respectively. Matt from P1 pulled in and released a 34-Inch Pike to grab the top prize for that species, and rounding out the days event was Chris Hammond who Boated photo and released a 30-Inch Walleye adding his name to the RSL 30-Inch Club board! Congratulations to everyone.

There were 3 impromptu Cabin 2 fishing tourneys on the Beach house dock this week, and the peanut gallery including me had a lot of laughs! That about wraps up another truly memorable week up here and I sure hope to continue through this week as well! Be sure to tune into Steve’s Tuesday video Log (VLOG) as he tries to answer questions about road construction, upcoming weather, and other border type questions we receive and try to put out. If you can’t watch it live just grab it on Facebook at Friends of Rocky Shore Lodge and view at your leisure.

It's the first day of Summer and it feels like it up here. Going to get to seasonal temps tomorrow and looking forward for the next week or so. Tight Lines everyone and safe travels on your way up to the Fastest Week of the Year!

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