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Good morning RSL family and friends! Perrault Lake once again did not disappoint. Several guests stated it was their best fishing ever on our body of water. Bob Biever, Jack, and Donnie boated over 60 walleyes day one, and they were off to the races the rest of the week. First time to Perrault Lake and buddy of mine Chris Kaus, and Kenny came up to fish and did great considering they weren’t exactly sure how to fish Canadian waters. Both retired from the Army and Kenny just recently. Thanks, guys, for your service, and Kenny enjoy the fishing you have scheduled over the next few weeks. Penthouse 1 crew was up early everyday and caught lots of walleyes. All in all, it was just another solid week. Bob you were wrong when you stated, “the fishing has been good but now I’m here.” It was great to see so many longtime guests, and new guests get together, fish together, and eat together. You never knew where Cabins 3, 4, and 6 were hanging out but they spent a lot of time hanging out with each other and that is what this is all about.

Walleyes were found in plentiful amounts. The lake seems to be a few weeks behind still, but on the other hand you can catch them in late summer locations already. It’s been a great year. Those looking for Pike are having a bit of a time since the weed beds haven’t fully matured yet, but they are still being caught. You just must look a little more. Weeds should grow good this weekend since we will be in the 80’s everyday this weekend. Hot for me but no one cares considering it’s really hot in most of the places back in the states. By the way we want some rain up here. Hasn’t really rained in 2 weeks so if you can drag a little (nighttime) rain up with you feel free.

Had a couple new members get added to the musky club and one of them didn’t know what they caught was a musky. They were all released after a photo anyway but congrats goes out regardless. We have a couple musky hunters up this week, so hopefully I’ll have some news for those of you who like to hunt ski’s.

We did not boat any 30 inchers last week, but the fishing during the day, and at night was still hot so don’t forget about the dock fishing in the evening. The Penthouse 1 crew of Tom, Ed, Dave, and Shane were killing them off the docks as well as others.

Monster Fish Monday results: Trevor Gorsch promised he was getting that Micro fish lure, and sure enough he did with a monstrously small 5-inch Perch. Dave Rohner came in with a very fat 25.5-inch Pike, and Ed Morelli landed a healthy 27-inch Walleye to round out our winners for this week. Congratulations to all our winners.

We didn’t have any takers of the polar plunge this past week, but the lake water is warming up anyway.

The flowers are in full bloom and its hard to believe we’re turning the page on June already. We’ve got another great group of anglers up this week and the fishing last night off the dock was excellent. Almost landed a 30 but 29.5 doesn’t cut it. At least not here at the Home of the 30-inch Walleye.

Please don’t forget to email Steve and I pictures at You can also tag us on your Facebook posts and we can grab them from there. Thanks.

We are going to have a video display this year in our booth and we want to keep the pictures updated. Plus I like to print them out and put them in the fish cleaning house.

Fastest Week of the Year Addition Week 7 begins! Please enjoy your 4th of July and don’t hold the firecrackers once you light them!

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