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2021 week 1 is in the books

Good morning Rocky Shore Lodge Friends, family, and new guests! I hope this blog finds everyone in good health, and great spirits. We finally got to see some normalcy return to our shores. Camp is still going through the post construction phase and Harvey and I hope to have everything back to normal by the end of this week. If you see lots of cut up lumber waiting to be put in the fireplace you will know why when you see the shoreline. Since we are in a fireban throughout the area we can't do offshore shore lunches. bbqs are still fine for your vacation preparations.

Border crossing was a breeze for every guest last week, and this week. Just have your Arrive Can app uploaded, and have a copy of Covid test on hand.

Walleye were caught in the late summer and early fall patterns. Couple days with wind but not harsh enough to keep off the lake. Fish were caught on Sunken Island, the humps, Wilson, Southshore reef, Little Manotak, and several other spots we will fill you in on when you arrive. 25 feet was the standard down to even 35.

We had 2 Bear hunters in camp, and both harvested beautiful bears. Backstraps/tenderloins were donated by Mark and Randy and smoked (thanks Steve) to perfection. If you have never tried Bear just imagine smoked Beef Tenderloin and you know what Bear from up here tastes like. Congratulations Mark and Randy!

The heat drove the fish down as we enjoyed (sarcasm intended) humidex readings of 100 all week. Heat wave ended and we are enjoying normal weather patterns again, and it appears we're going to be in some comfortable conditions for the next 10 days, but I'm not a meteorologist and I did not stay in a Holiday Inn Express so bring a bit of everything clothing wise.

The lake is down as much as I have seen it (18 years), and moisture is starting to arrive so hopefully the lake will start to stabilize and slowly rise back. If you Wisconsonites that have plenty of rain would like to drag up some for evening time frames that would be wonderful.

MFM: Congratulations to Beth Scozzafave with her near 27 inch Walleye, Al Bonifield with a 24 inch Northern Pike, and Trevor Gorsch (2nd time Micro winner), with a humongous 5.5 inch Smallmouth bass. We do not have a picture of Al's fish as he cleaned it and ate it.…

Although we are not doing the cookout on Monday evenings this year, guests requested to have a camp fish fry last week, and this week so we will check with guests each week moving forward.

Everyone is out fishing so its time to head back out to get some work done. From Steve, Harvey, Darlene, Bill and I safe travels, and we can't wait to see everyone up here in the near future!

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