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Updated: Apr 18

Good morning to all our RSL Family, friends, and guests. Here is your Covid-19 update for Sunday April 18th, 2021. Can you say lather up, rinse, and repeat? Well that is what Ontario is doing. They have now forced us to cancel May, and if you have a reservation in June I'd start looking around for a US fishing destination, but we aren't calling June just yet. Better prepare for the worst and hope for the best. With the country starting to ban inter provincial travel you can expect the border to stay closed and Steve and I will have difficulty getting up there as it stands. An update on Harvey and Darlene is necessary and they are doing fine although they are missing their summer destination as well and of course so many familiar faces, and wishing they could get to RSL as well. Bill is also doing fine and waiting to start guiding again.

Folks I don't know when this nightmare will end, but certainly as we are all getting vaccinated you would have thought things would be getting better, but it seems Ontario is becoming more and more restrictive and heading down a rabbit hole no other country is doing.

With that in mind Steve and I are going to roll reservations for those affected same as last year. In light of these very difficult financial times we are proposing 2 things if you don't want to rollover. Although deposits are stated non-refundable in our brochure and website we want to offer a couple alternatives. The first is that if you want to cancel altogether we would give you a voucher worth your deposit for 5 years. The 2nd proposal would be to put you on a list and once we actually get to open and have guests we would then start to send deposits back to those who really want them. These 2 options are only for those who don't want to automatically roll into 2022. I hope you can all understand the financial constraints we and every tourist outfitter is facing during these times.

We are praying for a season at some point this year so if you have July, August, and September I still think it's possible we will see you this year.

On a optimistic note since anyone that knows me knows I'm an optimist. I assure you the Walleye, Northern, Musky, Smallie, Crappie, and Perch populations are growing rapidly with zero pressure on our pristine lake!

Until next update hang in there folks, stay safe, healthy, and spend time with family and friends!

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