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Today's Hwy 105 Trivia question

RSL friends and family, I was asked a question today, and had a V8 moment so I figured I'd ask the same thing of our guests. Feel free to respond with your answer. First correct answer about bragging rights. :) Alright we all are aware of Dutchies General Store. Who remembers the original name of Dutchies?

Rikki (Dutchies) has a new service for folks to consider if you ever decide I'm tired of lugging all my food up to the cabin. If you would like to ease that hassle Dutchies now has a new grocery supplier out of Thunder Bay so Rikki can get anything and everything at a much better price point then Ear Falls. It might be a tad pricier than Wal-Mart in Dryden.

If you would like you may preorder groceries, beer, and booze from Dutchies and she will have it here waiting for your arrival. Dutchies is locally woman owned and they know good customer service not like a chain or franchise who could care less how their trip was, how they have been, how’s the family.  

Lorrie is back for another season and Trysta will be helping out from time to time so stop in and say Hello.

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