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week 3 wrap-up!

Good morning RSL family and friends! This week will be easy to come up with material. This past week will go down in my eyes as one of the finest big fish weeks I’ve witnessed in the 17 years coming up to this body of water. The Fastest Week of the Year flew by again and last night was hard saying goodbye to old and new friends alike. The weather pattern has been decent. We had a few days with wind, a few days with sprinkles, and a few days with gorgeous get tanned or burnt type sunshine. Lake is still up as we are getting needed rain but we will always use more. I know those of you in the Midwest wouldn’t mind shipping some of your water up here.

This week there were 4 anglers that boated 30 plus inch walleyes!! We started with Jerry Luedtke with his 31.5-inch Monster on their first day out last Saturday. Followed up by Colette Williams 30-inch Walleye on Monster Fish Monday and we rounded out Week 3 with Austin Franck First timer (30-inch Walleye) and Bob Sieren first timer (30.5-inch Walleye). The most important thing was that every fish was safely released back into the lake to be caught another day. As Mike Briesemeister would say “Looks like you have caught a large Taxidermy bill.” Travis Luedtke showed me a 29-inch Walleye he caught, and his son Owen caught an hour later. I studied the photos and they were the same fish. So many 20 to 29 inch Walleyes are being caught the Catch, Photo, and Release policy is really helping in my humble opinion. The fishing was great at Hatfield, Twin Islands, South Sister Island, College Bay, Drum Island, Manotak Island and the slingshot. Or if you don’t feel like getting in your boat every dock was hot using a jig and minnow, or swim bait. There were still eaters caught in the Ord and a few late Female spawners. Water temps are in the 50’s pretty much everywhere. No one has used leeches yet and why would you when the minnow bite has been so good. We still have suckers also if you want to bobber down.

Monster Fish Monday produced our first ever 30-inch Walleye winner (Colette Williams), as well as a 30 inch Pike caught by Austin Franck. The Micro Fish trophy took some anglers looking for tiny fish and John Rohrs edged out Gary Lundy’s 5.5-inch Perch with a 5-inch Perch. I hope to get the pictures when they anglers reach the states and update the Facebook post. Congratulations to our 3 winners!

Seems the Polar Plunge is taking interest with guests as we had Trevor Williams continue our streak. He jumped into mid-50’s water off the flag dock and stated the water is Brisk! The only question now is will someone step up this week and keep the streak alive. As we move on it will get easier for people to jump in, but who cares its fun seeing the shocked faces when they jump in. Nice cannonball Trevor! Don’t forget according to double jumper Debbie Placke its medicinal for your aching joints!

Between you and me Harvey is starting to tighten his belt. That is not good for the home team folks. Remember, Harvey enjoys Ice Cream, Cake, Pie, and any other sweets you might happen to drop off to him and Darlene. We will keep this between us and not tell him. I appreciate your assistance in this matter. Victory is still within reach, and I like pizza, especially when Harvey buys!

I can’t hardly believe Week 4 is upon us as this season doesn’t seem to slow down for us up here. The Fastest Week of the Year is living up to its billing. We look forward to everyone getting up here safely and having the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation we can provide.

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