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Good afternoon RSL family!  Week 4 happenings.  First off, I want to thank everyone for sending me pictures.  My blathering on and on gets boring, I’m fairly certain pictures tell a better story anyway. The first photo is of the Northern Lights. Even though Bonnie didn't get any dramatic colors it looks like an outdoor sporting event was taking place in the middle of God's Country!


Water levels on the lake remain high and this morning as I began to write this blog, we received about an 1-inch and a half of rain.  Fortunately, the lake came down 2 inches the past week so we can withstand some rain without too much trouble.  Super easy getting your boat on and off the ramps this spring, and I don’t believe it’s going to be an issue moving forward throughout summer.  Still manageable.    


Walleyes were still in the river last week believe it or not but as of yesterday you might find a few crappies as the walleyes have moved on.  They are transitioning now to their summer locations.  Leech bite is starting to work but, the minnow and crawler bite are better.  As the lake warms up so will the leech bite.  We hope to be able to provide leeches most of the summer this year.  With the amount of rain, we have received that might be possible.


The “Can you Help a Guy Ontario” gang was up here this week, and they are always fun to have around.  They run a fishing type event daily and we have posted it in the office when you arrive if you want to look at it.  It’s got some funny/fun contests they do throughout the week and have a blast.  I don’t think they were necessarily having a beach house deck tourney one evening but I can tell you that the five angler’s lines were all caught by one pike!  Pretty funny stuff right there, and I guarantee there are many of you that have had the same thing happen while fishing on the beach house deck.

I'm sure I will be jinxing us but we actually had the world's dumbest otter show up. Although he was looking for food he couldn't figure out how to open the bait buckets. He has since moved on and I haven't seen an otter around here in the past couple weeks. We do have the cutest mink who has been gorging itself on crayfish so there is that!


Mike B’s crew of 16 had every bed full up in P2 and I believe they brought enough food to feed the Iowa National Guard for a week!  Much appreciation to the group for the shore lunch, we were able to stop by and taste test.


Original Rich award was kept on the shelf again this week as we weren’t told about any craziness that might have happened.  That’s ok I’m sure Jerry from Week 2 has finally thawed out by now.

Had a couple nice musky and Pike caught as well as some crappies!


Week 4 MFT results: Brian from P2 is a back to back winner with his 34-Inch Pike! George from C-1 boated a tiny 5-Inch Walleye for the Micro prize and Scott from P2 caught and released a tank of a walleye measuring 26 5/8 inches! Great tournament and lots of nice fish caught!


Some great pictures of wildlife from several of our guests this week. 

As you prepare for your trip up to RSL you can check out the weekly video Blog Steve has been doing on You Tube to try and get you a more up to date weather forecast, road conditions, and any border changes. 

Tight Lines everyone!

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